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Bathroom Renovation Guides: Design, Layout, Fixtures, and Color Schemes

Are you thinking about giving your bathroom a much-needed makeover? Bathroom renovations can be an exciting project, but they also require careful planning and consideration. To help you navigate this process, we've put together a comprehensive guide that covers key aspects of bathroom renovation, from design and layout to fixtures and color schemes. Whether you're in Melbourne and looking for bathroom vanitiestoilet suites, or bathroom cabinets, this guide will assist you in your journey to create the perfect bathroom.

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How To Choose The Best Toilet Suite For Your Bathroom

Shopping toilet suite in Melbourne? Whether planning a bathroom renovation or a new project from scratch when it comes to bathroom upgrades, like the toilet suite, there’s a lot you need to consider, plan, and then make the right purchase. Choosing the right toilet suite is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics in your bathroom. In today’s blog, let’s tell you how to select the perfect toilet suite for your bathroom and why you should consider purchasing from Best n Buy, a trusted source for bathroom supplies in Melbourne.

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Should You Buy A Bathroom Vanity Or A Bathroom Cabinet

Firstly! Let’s get this straight! Bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets in Melbourne are two different bathroom accessories. When designing a bathroom, you have to consider the storage space, your preference, the available space in your bathroom, and your overall design goals. Though bathroom cabinets and vanities are two of the most popular options for bathroom storage, choosing between them can be confusing.

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New Bathroom Trends 2023 You Should Know

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home. Though functionality is a prime concern, your bathroom should also look and feel good. Installing bathroom accessories can make your bathroom your new favourite place in your home. When choosing bathroom supplies in Melbourne, it’s important to pick up the right size, style, and material to improve the design and function of your bathroom. Also, most importantly when you are up to bathroom renovations, you should consider the maintenance required to keep your bath space in top condition. If you want to create a luxury bathing experience on a budget, here are the bathroom trends in 2023 you should follow.

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5 Essential Bathroom Supplies For Your Bathroom

Nowadays, bathrooms are given the highest priority as people want to have their bathrooms look more modern and usable. It's where bathroom supplies Melbourne play a major role in the design and aesthetics of your bathroom. No matter the size of the bathroom, adding bathroom supplies to your bathroom can make the bathroom look organised, complete and functional. If you are renovating or building a new bathroom, you will take a considerate time planning the toilet suite, tile colour, bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanities Melbourne, Himalayan salt lamp, shower screens, semi-pedestal design, wash basins, etc. However, planning the right bathroom accessories is crucial as well. In today’s blog, let’s discuss the bathroom supplies that your bathroom should contain.

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4 Types Of Toilet Suites For Your Bathroom

Whether you want to freshen up your bathroom look or keep it minimal, making small makeovers will make your space look great. Just like you invest time in research to pick up your bathroom vanity for your home, choosing the toilet suite is also crucial as it complements your other bathroom accents like the fixtures, wall paint, and Himalayan salt lamp. Not only that, your selection of toilet suite in Melbourne based on design, style, or water usage will also affect the cost and installation. So, it’s better to know what you must look for in a toilet suite. Though toilet suites have evolved with versatile designs, offer comfort, and are water efficient, you need to know the type of toilet suites available in the market, and you can pick a better choice. Let’s get started.

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Best Material Combinations For Your Bathroom Cabinets – Check Out!

When choosing bathroom cabinets, a lot of things need to be considered. If you have a large spacious bathroom or a tight space, picking right the right bathroom cabinet will help you utilise more, improve functionality, and the space clutter-free. Like bathroom vanities in Melbourne, you need a bathroom cabinet that works within the space and accentuates the look and feel of the bathroom. Everyone wants their bathroom cabinet to look sleek all the time. However, remember that this bathroom accessory will not look sleek without maintenance. You must ensure proper bathroom care and find out the best materials, bathroom finishes, and counter tops to keep them looking good. In today’s blog, let’s discuss how you can make your bathroom cabinet look sleek and functional to elevate the beauty of your space.

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Affordable Bathroom Vanities: How To Choose The Best One?

Are you shopping for affordable bathroom vanities in Melbourne? Changing your bathroom vanity is one of the best upgrades you can give your bathroom. Also, buying bathroom vanities are similar to kitchen cabinets. So, you must keep the aesthetics, functionality, and space in mind when buying a bathroom vanity. No matter what, bathroom vanities can be expensive and your prime concern maybe to find the cheap and best bathroom vanities to transform your bath space.  When going for affordable bathroom vanities, you must ensure that it meets your bathroom décor, style, and most importantly functionality. In today’s blog, let’s help you with a few considerations you need to make when purchasing a bathroom vanity. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Shower Screens – Check Out!

Want to add a sleek look to your bathroom? Shower screens are a great pick that leaves a modern, sophisticated look to the entire bathroom. No matter if the bathroom is big or small shower screens are a great addition to make the space look big. They also ensure that your bathroom stays splash-free while you shower. If you’re planning to buy shower screens for your bathroom or have questions about shower screens, our guide will help you pick the right one in terms of quality, look, and budget. Let’s dive in.

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Bathroom renovation is perhaps one of the most common types of home improvement projects. Whether you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one from scratch, installing a vanity makes a lot of difference in the way your bathroom looks. From traditional to contemporary designs, bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. With so many options available, you may be unsure of which vanity you should purchase for your bathroom. To make things easier, we have come up with some effectual tips that help you make the best decision.

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The installation of glass shower screens in your bathroom not only gives it a stylish appearance but also provides a lot of functionalities as well. These shower screens are a perfect alternative to traditional shower curtains not just for being attractive, but also for eliminating the hassle of cleaning a pool of water in your bathroom. Here are some important factors that should be taken into account while choosing a shower screen for your bathroom.

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Why Should You Have Himalayan Salt Lamps in Your Home?

Even if you don’t have one in your home, you’ve might have seen Himalayan salt lamps. You may be wondering, what are these pink stones and why does everybody want one?

Himalayan salt lamps have soared in popularity over the last decade due to their impact on air quality, allergy relief, mood management, sleep quality and more. They’ remade by hollowing out a large piece of Himalayan salt rock and placing a lightbulb on the inside.

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Toilets are the most important space in households. When it comes to buying a toilet suite, it is important to make the right choice There are a lot of things you may put forth like the color, size, accessories, brand, and more. Despite all these, the new toilet should match your plumbing needs. If you are coming up with a bathroom renovation, pick a toilet suite that has a sleek design, fits your space and most importantly, it should flush in a single shot.

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Renovation of any kind is a long and daunting process. When it comes to renovating your bathroom you may have some whims and fantasies to create a luxurious one. However, it incurs a huge sum of money. By understanding your space and budget, you can achieve a bathroom with a million-dollar look. This happens when you select the right bathroom Vanities Melbourne that fits your budget, style, and space. 

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Two Popular Variants Of Bathroom Vanities - What’s Right For You?

Have you ever considered remodeling your bathroom? Well, the first thing to realise about bathroom remodeling is to create a space according to your own tastes. While most people assume that remodeling is all about altering or demolishing your existing bathroom and building a new one, this is not the case in reality. Adding luxurious bathroom vanities Melbourne can do wonder and make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.

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How To Choose The Right Bathroom Vanity? 

Whether it’s classic or modern, remodelling or new installation of bathroom vanities will set a new tone for your bathroom space. If you’re planning to choose a bathroom vanity, there are numerous things that you must consider. Of course, you may be overwhelmed with the choice of designs, size, colour, and much more.

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Things You Need To Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps – Do They Work?

Investing in good home accessories will keep you healthy and happy. Like light therapy, aromatherapy that claim to make your home space healthier, Himalayan salt lamps are believed to improve your home’s overall air quality with a lot more benefits. From giving a soothing bath time to a food preservative, they have made their way as a décor element in spa centres. Yes, Himalayan salt lamps make an excellent home decor and also said to have health benefits. Maybe you wonder how this little light can bring magical properties while remaining trendy. If you have been thinking about buying, let’s learn more about them in detail.

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Tips On Buying The Right Bathroom Accessories For Your Bathroom

Everyone would love to have a bathroom that is comfortable, beautiful, and luxurious. It could be the reason why many homeowners grab certain bathroom accessories to amp up their bathroom’s appeal. However, more than its aesthetics, the functionality of these accessories matters more and it should be considered before its aesthetic impact on the entire bathroom. Whether you’re renovating or looking for ideas, you need to know what you need and what you must buy. So, in this blog, we lend some guidance on how you can choose the right bathroom accessories without splurging your dollars. 

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When it comes to small bathroom space, using the right vanity can help achieve the look you want and provide the storage that you require. There are plenty of small vanity designs that can offer storage and style even in a tight space. For small bathrooms, making the most of your available space is very essential. If you’re a big family with many people using a single small bathroom vanity every day, you must look for the right storage options to ensure your bathroom space look decent and clutter-free.
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How To Pick The Right Faucet For Your Bathroom? – Find Out!

Choosing the right faucet for your bathroom faucets is essential to limit the water usage, and ensure they suit your existing hardware. With a rise in modern-age bathroom faucets, there are plenty of options that speak of luxury and style, and they fit right into the theme of your bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from being a decorative statement, they add comfort and convenience to your lives. If you’re confused in deciding which bathroom faucet to choose,  we have several factors that you must consider and they are:

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Who doesn’t like a minimal yet stylish bathroom? Whether you want to give your bathroom design a chic makeover with statement additions, or if you're searching for some minimal decorating ideas, we’ve got many stylish tips and stunning modern bathroom looks for you to recreate and enjoy. 

3 Types Of Shower Screens That Are Ideal For Small Bathrooms

Planning a bathroom renovation? When it comes to small bathrooms, making the most use of the space with minimal décor is what people prefer today. It’s safe to say that shower screens Melbourne are making an ideal fit for small bathrooms.

5 Bathroom Vanities To Style Your Bathroom – A Must Try!

Big or small, a bathroom design isn’t complete without a bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity can style your bathroom and splash a bit of luxury to it and amp up the look. Whether you like contemporary style with shallow glass sinks & waterfall taps or full matte black faucets, there are plenty of designs & can be confusing to choose the one for your bathroom. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Bathroom Vanity – Find Out!

Some lifestyle upgrades are crucial & bathroom upgrade is one of them. This space deserves to be stylish and comfortable by all means. From appeal to functionality, every aspect of your bathroom should make them a favourite place in the house. A bathroom is incomplete without a bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities are a beautiful addition.

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Simple Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look  Luxurious – Here’s How?

Want to refresh your bathroom without making a complete renovation? We can help! A bathroom is your private space; it needs to look spacious & functional & must offer a relaxing feel. If you have renovated the bathroom years before and thinking to embark on a full-scale renovation or just planning to replace your bathroom vanity, there are certain things you can do to make your bathroom look luxe & appealing. In today’s blog, we have come up with simple ways where you can upgrade to make your bathroom truly unique. Let’s get started.

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3 Bathroom Styling Ideas You Would Love To Design – Check Out!

Whether small or oversized, minimal or lavish, spacious or cubbyhole type, whatever your bathroom looks, a bathroom vanity can make or break the look of your bathroom. While shopping for bathroom vanities online or purchasing from suppliers of bathroom essentials in Melbourne, there will be a lot of options you would love to integrate.

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