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3 Bathroom Styling Ideas You Would Love To Design – Check Out!

Whether small or oversized, minimal or lavish, spacious or cubbyhole type, whatever your bathroom looks, a bathroom vanity can make or break the look of your bathroom. While shopping for bathroom vanities online or purchasing from suppliers of bathroom essentials in Melbourne, there will be a lot of options you would love to integrate. However, picking the right one in terms of functionality with aesthetics can seal the deal for you. In today’s blog, we tell you how you can style your bathroom to make your bath time cozier & easier. Let’s get started.

Pick A Vanity That Suits Your Space

Whether your bath space is small or large, choose a bathroom vanity that fits your requirements. If the room is large, go for a bathroom vanity that comes with built-in shelves, lights, a mirror, and extra shelves. If you’re designing a luxurious bath suite, you need to think about storage & maintenances and be more thoughtful about the design. When the space is small, consider going for lower-profile bathroom vanities that make the bathroom look large. Floating or wall-mounted bathroom vanities work well in this case.


Install Statement Mirror & Elements

Having a statement mirror the wall-mounted in your bathroom space can be a perfect addition. An oversized mirror will make your bath space look large & spacious. If you love instilling some texture or adding drama, consider installing bold wallpapers. When the space is crooked or not in the proper size, use the area by placing a hexagon mirror and metallic accents.


Go Minimal & Bold

Often people assume that mixing colors can make the bath space look large. However, the truth is that maximizing a single element design can make the wall look incredibly chic and large than incorporating a wide range of design elements. When it comes to designing a bathroom, all the little details count. So, run down a list of elements to make your bathroom look modern, plush, and sophisticated.


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