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How To Maximize Your Bathroom Vanity Space

When it comes to small bathroom space, using the right vanity can help achieve the look you want and provide the storage that you require. There are plenty of small vanity designs that can offer storage and style even in a tight space. For small bathrooms, making the most of your available space is very essential. If you’re a big family with many people using a single small bathroom vanity every day, you must look for the right storage options to ensure your bathroom space look decent and clutter-free.

Position Your Bathroom Vanity At The Right Place

Where you place your vanity is vital for a small bathroom set up. Generally, homeowners have their vanities placed along the walls or corners. This is a great option because it will leave any extra gaps that might appear like the space is not properly used. So, placing a vanity on the corner of your bathroom leaves some space where you keep mirror stands or a separate closet for keeping your towels and clothes.

Wall-Mounted Vanities For larger space

Wall-Mounted vanities are better for small space as it makes the floor space look spacious. It also makes the bathroom area look bigger than it is.

Keep A Stand-Alone Closet For Storage

When it comes to small bathrooms, clutter can get piled up easily. This happens when there are many people living in the house and sharing the same bathroom. A multi-organized closet with a mirror allows you to store all your things inside properly. Whether its clothes, medicines or toiletries, having a closet help you stay organized, and it is one of the best ways for maximizing your small bathroom vanity space. You can even use the wall space by installing towel racks, shelves to keep your things and make the walkway free and spacious.

Install A Large Mirror

To enhance the look of your bathroom, you can install a large bathroom mirror that will make your small space look bigger and better. Also, it will be helpful for your regular use.

De-Clutter The Counter

Though this seems to be a no-brainer, decluttering the old and used items and keeping the items right back into the cabinet storage after use will make your space look neat. Also, when you walk in during the morning, you will see a bright-looking organized bathroom.

Over To You

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