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4 Types Of Toilet Suites For Your Bathroom

Whether you want to freshen up your bathroom look or keep it minimal, making small makeovers will make your space look great. Just like you invest time in research to pick up your bathroom vanity for your home, choosing the toilet suite is also crucial as it complements your other bathroom accents like the fixtures, wall paint, and Himalayan salt lamp. Not only that, your selection of toilet suite in Melbourne based on design, style, or water usage will also affect the cost and installation. So, it’s better to know what you must look for in a toilet suite. Though toilet suites have evolved with versatile designs, offer comfort, and are water efficient, you need to know the type of toilet suites available in the market, and you can pick a better choice. Let’s get started.

Invisible Concealed Toilet Suite

In this type of toilet suite, cistern (tank) is hidden behind the wall cavity or under the counter. It is ideal for small or tight bathroom spaces. This modern suite takes up tiny space, leaving more space for other things. Consider this if space is your concern. Moreover, you can clean them better and maintain them.

Wall Mounted Toilet Suite

If you want your bathroom vanities in Melbourne to look clutter-free and organised, a wall-mounted toilet suite is the best option. They stand alone and are not attached to the floor, which makes cleaning easier. The wall cistern has two buttons for flushing less or more water; this helps the user decide what to use. This type of toilet suite is preferred in modern homes.

Close Coupled Toilet Suite

In this modern toilet suite, the pan and cistern are together, and you cannot see the flush pipe. It comes with a flush button on the top, which will either have a 3-liter or 6-liter flush, helping keep your water consumption under control.

Connector Toilet Suite

This is a traditional two-piece toilet suite where the cistern and pan are attached by a flush pipe. In this model, the pan is a little away from the cistern. These are affordable and great for all bathroom cabinets in Melbourne. Even if you have old or outdated plumbing, installing a connector toilet suite will be a perfect addition.

If you want to change the look and feel of your bathroom, replacing your toilet suit can do wonders. Need help choosing the best toilet suite? Call Best N Buy at 0411345477 today.

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