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Best Material Combinations For Your Bathroom Cabinets – Check Out!

When choosing bathroom cabinets, a lot of things need to be considered. If you have a large spacious bathroom or a tight space, picking right the right bathroom cabinet will help you utilise more, improve functionality, and the space clutter-free. Like bathroom vanities in Melbourne, you need a bathroom cabinet that works within the space and accentuates the look and feel of the bathroom. Everyone wants their bathroom cabinet to look sleek all the time. However, remember that this bathroom accessory will not look sleek without maintenance. You must ensure proper bathroom care and find out the best materials, bathroom finishes, and counter tops to keep them looking good. In today’s blog, let’s discuss how you can make your bathroom cabinet look sleek and functional to elevate the beauty of your space.

Different kinds Of Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets come in three kinds.  The common bathroom cabinet model is the one that comes below the counter top and has shelves and drawers.The second model is the one that's placed above the counter top on the walls. The third one is wall-mounted or freestanding or floor cabinets that help you store your bathroom essentials.

Go For Sturdy Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are prone to water splashes from showers, dripping lotions, steam, old shower caps, worn-out body scrubbers, and more. On top of all, the bathroom is a moisture-laden area, and the bathroom supplies Melbourne should be sturdy enough to meet all these. It's smart to pick a sturdy cabinet that bears the heavy weight of marble, granite, quartz, or any other natural stone.

Best Material For Bathroom Cabinets

If it's a wooden cabinet, go for waterproof plywood materials to protect the cabinet from moisture and stains. They are water and stain-resistant. Avoid going for MDF or PVC materials as they sag over time and may eventually break down in the presence of water or steam.

Best Surface Finish For Bathroom Cabinet

Whether you are a family of two or more, a laminate surface with a matte finish is best for you. When you go for a toilet suite in Melbourne with a matte finish, the smudges, scratches, and stains will be less visible and give a modern look to your bathroom.

Best Counter Top Materials For Bathroom Cabinets

When your bathroom vanity is sleek, the cabinet must also look that way. Choose counter tops made of granite or marble, or porcelain tiles to complete the look. Granite is low maintenance and may look sleek and classy on the cabinet.

If you want to revamp your bathroom cabinet, checkout these materials or have it installed by the best bathroom supplies shop in Melbourne – Best N Buy. For more details, call 0411345477 today.

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