Himalayan SALT LAMP Rock Crystal X'MAS TREE Unique Ionizer

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Himalayan SALT LAMP Rock Crystal X'MAS TREE Unique Ionizer

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Our beautiful and therapeutic rock salt lamps uploaded with come complete with a deluxe solid rosewood base, electrical light fixture


When we first saw this glowing Natural Crystal X'MAS TREE we were truly impressed. From a rough beginning as a large specially selected boulder of Natural Salt, each X'MAS TREE is hand carved, shaped . The combination of this smooth surfaced X'MAS TREE makes it a great study in contrast. Each Natural Salt Crystal X'MAS TREE takes as long as 3 days to complete. Only the best craftsmen we found are gifted enough to make them. When illuminated, the light in the X'MAS TREE casts a colorful splash of luminescence through the stones and makes an impressive statement anywhere in your home or office. Weighs 2 to 3 kgs Therapeutic Rock Salt Lamp Mined in the foothills of the Himalayas! Our beautiful and therapeutic ROCK SALT LAMPS Uploaded with come complete with a deluxe SOLID ROSEWOOD BASE, ELECTRICAL LIGHT FIXTURE Europeans have long believed in the usefulness of Rock Salt Lamps for the treatment of a variety of illnesses including asthma, allergies, rheumatism, high blood pressure and migraine headaches. The negative ions produced by a salt lamp will also cleanse your air of contaminants such as dust and dust mites, pollen, odor, pet dander and cigarette smoke. The SALT LAMPS designs is very difficult to achieve due to the character of salt crystals. Chipping will often occur along the edge or on the corners. Salt lamps are by nature not perfect, it's part of their unique beauty! Lamp weighs 2 TO 3 Kgs, Who's Closet will only purchase lamps from the premier Salt Manufacturer in northern Pakistan. The salt used for our lamps is hand-picked for quality, color and purity. Unlike most employers in the South Asian salt industry, our supplier DOES NOT USE CHILD LABOR and provides their workers with a generous wage and health benefits package. As a result, they are able to employ the best Artisans in the carving business. The pride they take in their work is reflected in the superior lamps they produce. All of our Salt Lamps are carefully inspected and hand-washed. We also attach a custom made bracket to the base plate. to hold the light fixture's clip securely so your light bulb remains positioned in the center of the lamp. This reduces the danger of bulb breakage and makes changing the light bulb a safe, quick and easy process.

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