Himalayan SALT LAMP "DUCK SHAPE"Unique Ionizer

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Himalayan SALT LAMP "DUCK SHAPE"Unique Ionizer

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Himalayan salt lamp duck shape unique ionizer


Himalayan SALT LAMP "DUCK SHAPE"Unique Ionizer Himalayan SALT LAMP "DUCK SHAPE"Unique Ionizer WDL NATURAL HIMALAYAN DUCK SALT LAMP IONIC AIR PURIFIER BASE CORD BULB 100% PURE HIMALAYAN NATURAL PRODUCTS EACH PRODUCT IS INDIVIDUALLY HANDCRAFTED AND UNIQUE MATERIAL: CRYSTAL SALT EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY DUE TO SALT SEEM WHERE ROCKS ARE HARVESTED FROM HIMALAYAS. PACKED IN A BOX. WEIGHT : 3 TO 4kg INCLUDE: POWER CORD AND GLOBE A SALT CRYSTAL LAMP IN YOUR VICINITY WILL HELP IMPROVE YOUR WELL-BEING AND KEEP THE AIR AROUND YOU CLEAN, IONIZED NATURALLY AND BEAUTIFULLY. PLACE A SALT CRYSTAL LAMP NEAR YOUR COMPUTER TO REDUCE FATIGUE The salt lamps will help you with: Reduce snoring (Claimed by buyers) Reduce asthma attack inside the house Reduce allergic reaction inside the house Better quality of sleep Reduce morning sickness, some type of depression. (Claimed by buyers) Will purify the air Will reduce “electro-smog” or EMF Help people with skin cancer regenerate skin cells Help kids with autism (Claimed by buyers) Help cats to feel warm in the winter. (Claimed by buyers) Reduce stress Increase awareness

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