Electric Toilet Bidet Seat Auto Smart Heated Washlet Bathroom Warm Water Massage D Shape w/Cover

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Electric Toilet Bidet Seat Auto Smart Heated Washlet Bathroom Warm Water Massage D Shape w/Cover

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Each of us uses a toilet seat many times in a day. It is certain that some people like to spend much time to do reading or other things on the toilet. Therefore, having a comfortable toilet seat is much important. Here comes our toilet seat, boasting of heated and bidet functions with adjustable seat temperature, water pressure and temperature, to match your desired requirements. Our toilet seat, made from premium and durable material, is designed to offer that comfort level and is capable of withstanding years of use in your bathroom for your whole family members. Install our toilet seat with night light to your toilet bowl and enjoy a pleasant and sanitary toilet time every day


Product Size: 508x381x151mm Function: Cleaning Function Rear cleaning/ Front cleaning To and from massage cleaning Cleaning position adjusting Antibiosis Spout/ automatic cleaning Warm water cleaning Heating and Drying Instant heating function Warm air cleaning Heat preservation toilet seat Antibiosis and Deodorization Antibiosis toilet seat Automatic deodorization Humanization Function Siting automatic induction Toilet seat soft close Toilet seat easy take off Night Lighting Remote digitals Children Lock Energy Saving and Safety Management Earth leakage protection Automatic power economizer Over-temperature protection Specifications: Rated Voltage: AC220/110V 50/60Hz Rated Power: 1680/1280W Power cord length: 1.5M Washing equipment: 1. Water pressure range: 0.1(dynamic)-0.75(static), water flow rate over 18L/min 2. Water pressure control: 4 level adjustable 3. Water temperature control: regular, 33°, 36°, 39°C 4. Water heating power: 1600/1200W 5. Safety device: Temp sensor control system/fuse protector (restore temperature switches) 6. General cleaning: 0.5-0.9L/min (water stress≥0.15MPA) 7. Female cleaning: 0.5-0.9L/min (water stress≥0.15MPA) Seat temperature equipment: 1. Power consumption of seat temperature circle: 45W 2. Seat circle temperature control: 4 adjustable paragraph regular, 33°, 36°, 39°C 3. Seat ring insurance: Temperature sensor control system/fuse protector Drying equipment: 1. Power consumption of drying: 350W 2. Drying temperature: 4 adjustable paragraph, 36°,42°,48°,53°C 3. Safety device: Restore temperature switches/fuse protector Deodorization equipment: 1. Power consumption of deodorizing: 3W 2. Deodorizer: Catalyst deodorant box Watermark-and wels certified

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