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Why Should You Have Himalayan Salt Lamps in Your Home?

Even if you don’t have one in your home, you’ve might have seen Himalayan salt lamps. You may be wondering, what are these pink stones and why does everybody want one?

Himalayan salt lamps have soared in popularity over the last decade due to their impact on air quality, allergy relief, mood management, sleep quality and more. They’re made by hollowing out a large piece of Himalayan salt rock and placing a lightbulb on the inside.

It is believed the salt draws impurities from the atmosphere and, in doing so, reduces things like asthma symptoms and air pollution. Some believe it may even protect the body from static electricity and electromagnetism. So, should you invest in a Himalayan salt lamp for your home? Here are some of the reasons to consider it:

Fresher, Cleaner Air

The most common reason for buying this type of salt lamp is a desire to breathe cleaner air at home. Using a process called hygroscopy, the salt in the lamp draws allergens and irritants out of the atmosphere to leave your indoor air purer. Pollen particles, cigarette smoke and dust are all significantly reduced.

Relief from Asthma and Allergies

Cleaner air is particularly beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers which is why salt lamps are frequently recommended to alleviate symptoms. According to some studies, it takes just two weeks to see a decrease in coughing and other irritations.  

Better Quality Sleep

There is evidence to suggest sleep quality is affected by a lack of negative ions in the atmosphere. As Himalayan salt lamps release these negative ions into the air, they can help improve sleep by increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain. All you need to do to benefit is place a salt lamp in your bedroom.

Less Electromagnetism

These days, our homes are filled with electronic items that are constantly emitting electromagnetic radiation. If you believe these signals have a detrimental effect on the body, you can buy a salt lamp to neutralise some of the radiation in your atmosphere. Some suggest this results in happier moods, increased energy, and more attentiveness.

Don’t forget, Himalayan salt lamps also look magnificent as a focal feature in the home. With their dusky pink glow, they add style and sophistication to any room. To buy Himalayan salt lamps online, either explore our inventory or call  0411345477. We also provide Discount Bathroom vanities online, so place your order now!

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