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The staff at Best ‘N’ Buy is committed to provide the utmost satisfaction & convenience to our customers, since providing satisfactory customer service is our top most priority which we fulfill at any cost. For your assistance, we provide the below resources and contact information:

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Your account

Q: What is the registration process?

ANS: Simply submit our registration form for FREE and become our member the next second!

Q: Why my order isn’t being displayed?

ANS: If you’ve placed your order as a guest through PayPal Express, your order won’t be displayed since you haven’t logged-in via our site’s account. If you wish to link your order made via PayPal Express to your current Best ‘N’ Buy account, follow the below steps:

  1. Enter your credentials and log in to your Best ‘N’ Buy account. Sign up if you don’t have an account!
  2. Head over to your account panel and click on the "Attach Guest Order" link.
  3. Now insert your Best ‘N’ Buy account password
  4. Insert your order umber (which can be found on the tax invoice you received after making a guest order)
  5. Now insert your PayPal registered email address and click on submit!

Your PayPal purchase order will now be linked to your Best ‘N’ Buy account.

Q: Can I become an affiliate with Best ‘N’ Buy? How?

ANS: Yes, why not! We highly appreciate you to become our affiliate and earn money through your website. For details, visit our affiliate page.

Q: How do I redeem my Best ‘N’ Buy Gift Voucher?

ANS: Firstly, you have to redeem your gift voucher from our Redeem Gift Voucher Page.

Important: The email address on which the gift voucher was sent should match with your Best ‘N’ Buy account’s email address. The vouchers are valid for 12 months. However promotional gift vouchers issued directly by Best ‘N’ Buy are redeemable within 3 months!

Insert your gift voucher ID and code, and your account will be topped up with the associated credit amount. You can use this credit for ordering items at Best ‘N’ Buy.

Q: How do I place an order?

ANS: Simply click on the item you wish to purchase. Next you’ll find “Add to Cart” option. Click on it! Now you will be directed to the checkout where you will proceed with the payment options.


Q: Could you ship outside Australia?

ANS: Currently we don’t offer this facility.

Q: I want to order a gift for someone who lives in Australia and I live outside of Australia! Could I?

ANS: Yes, sure you can!

Q: There is a message “Partially shipped” appearing with my order?

ANS: Apartially shipped status is used to tell you that some items in your order have been posted, while there are some parts remaining to be shipped. If this status doesn’t get remove after a week,contact us right away.

Q: How long does it take to deliver the item?

ANS: It usually takes 24 business hours (after the payment) to dispatch the order. The delivery service providers may take some time!

Q: I want to change the delivery address on my order? How can I?

ANS: If your order hasn’t yet been dispatched or delivered, you can change the delivery address.  You can edit your shipping address directly from your Best ‘N’ Buy account.

Please note: The address can be changed for the entire order only; separate items are not shipped on single order to multiple addresses.


Q: What payment methods are supported by you?

ANS: Visa, MasterCard, BPAY and PayPal are supported by us.

Q: I wish to cancel my order? How could I?

ANS: Once you’ve launched your payment you won’t be able to cancel your order. Therefore make a wise decision at the time of selecting your items and the quantity. At the same time, we do not refund for incorrect choice of product or change of mind. However in a number of cases, we could exchange or refund the purchase price of packed items.

Q: Are all your prices mentioned in Australian Dollars?

ANS: Yes.

Q: Is GST included in the price of your items?

ANS: Yes.

Our products

Q: How can I redeem a promotional coupon code?

ANS: Follow the below steps to redeem your promotional coupon code:

  1. Login to your Best ‘N’ Buy account
  2. Go the product’s page you wish to buy
  3. Now click on “Add to Cart” button
  4. Insert your Promotional Coupon Code into the Coupon Code text box
  5. Now select the “Checkout NOW” button
  6. Insert your payment information

Note: Enter the code before paying!

Q: What if my item is damaged during shipment?

ANS: There is a replacement for items that get damaged during shipment. For further assistance, visit our Returns Centre.

Q: Could I take a trial of your products before paying?

ANS: No. We do not offer trials for our products!

Q: How can I make a warranty claim for faulty or damaged items?

ANS: As a first step, check the status of your product that whether if it is damaged or faulty. Damaged items are the items which have been damaged during shipment. In that case, Best ‘N’ Buy will replace that product or damaged item.

Whereas faulty items are those items which have been shipped undamaged but are not functioning correctly due to any reason. Simply submit your claim at our Return Centre.

Q: What is a Refurbished item?

ANS: An item which has been sent back to the supplier due to any issue and if it returns in our database after being inspected and fixed, it is called a refurbished item. Items marked “Refurbished” on are available at discounts!

Q: I have got my order with a missing part? What should I do?

ANS: Check twice in that condition because human-error is possible. If the part is really missing,contact us.

Q: I want more information about the selected product? How could I?

ANS: Since we don’t display products physically to our customers, we encourage our users to send us an email at regarding that product, and we shall reply with the best possible details available. You can also search on Google for the selected product (if a renowned branded product).

Q: How do I know when an Out of Stock item is available again?

ANS: Just click on the “Notify me when this item is in stock again” button on the specific product page that is out of stock. This way you will receive an email when that product gets back in our stock!

Site technical issues

Q: I am unable to add items to my cart or log in to my account?!

ANS: This problem may occur due to your browser's cookies. Change your browser or enable cookies in the current browser from its settings. It may even be the case that your internet security software or settings are not properly configured on your computer, check for this issue.

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