Himalayan NATRUAL SALT LAMP Rock Crystal 8 TO 10 KG "NEW"

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Himalayan NATRUAL SALT LAMP Rock Crystal 8 TO 10 KG "NEW"

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Beautiful natural himalayan salt crystal lamp 8 to 10kg air purify cord & globe


Beautiful Natural Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp 8 to 10kg Air Purify Cord & GLOBE Features: Once lit is create a calming amber color Heating the salt with the included bulb releases negative ions into the air Creates an effect as an ionizer, much more cheaper and the natural original way of purifying the air Reduces your electricity bill tension Looks good every time you look at it Shape looks stunning and unique Salt Lamp offering is Full Package look at “What’s In the Box” below Functions Eliminates insets and disintegrates tobacco smoke Improve Immune system Minimize asthma attack Relieve stress Purifies Air Improve memory and vitality Reduce Insommia Feng Shui Energy Prevent radiation What’s in the box? 1x Salt Lamp 1x Electric Cord 1x Globe
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